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Good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations constitute the ultimate harmony; the significance of propriety lies in harmony, which is the most cherished element in dealing with affairs; for a good governor, he knows how to make use of harmony to rule his field.

  • Overall graphics — the combination of circle and square, signifying “tactful plan and upright conduct”

    The ancients thought that the sky was round and the earth was square; the “sky” and “earth” here actually stand for the whole universe. 
    “Round sky” means the movement and change of the universe; “square earth” means convergence and stillness.

  • Xiantan -Heaven, Earth and Human

    Two Chinese characters “仙坛(Xiantan)” can be split into four characters: “人(meaning human in English)”, “山(meaning mountain in English)”, “土(meaning earth in English)” and “云(meaning cloud in English)”; in them, “云(cloud)” is the sky, “山土(mountain and earth)” is the earth; the combination of these three is just the harmony between heaven, earth and human.

Good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations

Realistic Meaning



The Xiantan People refuse to stick to established practice and have the courage to innovate, and in competition, they are able to gather the wisdom of all people and constantly learn, accommodate, assimilate and adapt to meet the development needs for accumulation and growth in the tide of the market economy.



The Xiantan People are all involved in the practice, and strive to build an open, fair and just team with distinctive personality and mindfulness.