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The Company has carried out the concept of “a talent is a person capable of achievements” in employment. While strengthening the cultivation of professional knowledge and continuously improving the income level of employees, the Company also attaches importance to humanistic care, mentality training and ability improvement, so as to achieve the purpose of “retaining talents with emotion and career pursuit”, thereby protecting spiritual and material interests of all kinds of talents.

  • Education and training

    1.The Company attaches importance to professional knowledge learning of employees. Through organizing internal professional knowledge training, entrusting other units to conduct the short-term and long-term training and employing professionals to give lectures, the Company has continuously improved its professional knowledge level.
    2.In addition, the Company encourages employees to actively participate in professional knowledge and skill learning through the reimbursement policy, so as to continuously optimize the knowledge structure of the staff team and improve the overall quality of employees.
    3.Moreover, the Company has carried out regular technical skills competition and constantly established and revised various skills assessment indicators, so as to promote the enthusiasm of employees for learning and improving their skill operation levels.

  • Career planning

    1.Adhering to the principle of “letting the capable person replace the mediocre person”, the Company has strengthened performance appraisal of employees based on professional ethics and taken appraisal results as an important basis for promotion of employees, so that the talents who are useful for the development of the company can be put into use.
    2.Meanwhile, the Company improves the internal selection mechanism for employees. In case of talent shortage in key positions, it can consider internal screening and promotion through recommendation, self-recommendation and other forms, improving the enthusiasm of employees.

TalentTalent recruitment
Position title Job category Working place Release time
Marketing planning Planner Yantai City 2020-08-27
Graphic Design Designer Yantai City 2020-08-27
Feed nutritionist Nutritionist Yantai City 2020-08-27
Director of Human Resources HR Director Yantai City 2020-08-27
Senior management of food/cooked food/prepared food/slaughtering Manager Yantai City 2020-08-27
R&D technician of organic fertilizer R&D technician Yantai City 2020-08-27
Organic fertilizer marketing manager Marketing manager Yantai City 2020-08-27
Civil Engineer Engineer Yantai City 2020-08-27
Legal Personnel Legal Affairs Yantai City 2020-08-20
System Specialist Administrative personnel Yantai City 2020-08-27