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Advanced production system

Shandong Xiantan Food Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaging in the slaughtering, cutting, deep processing, refrigeration and sales business of broilers through introducing international leading automatic evisceration and cutting equipment, which mainly provides frozen segmentation and chilled chicken products.

By introducing the international leading equipment and adopting the domestic leading production technology, Shandong Xiantan Hong Food Co., Ltd., takes deep processing as its main business and produces a series of frying, cooking, barbecue and conditioning products.

The Company attaches great importance to safety production, which assigns safety responsibilities, implements the safety system and establishes and improves the quality management system. In addition, it constructs a three-level quality control network from the Company’s technical center to departments’ quality control to workshops’ quality inspection. Sticking to the production standard of “one ‘high’, two ‘low’s and three ‘none’s”, it has realized the all-round control from farm to the dining table, ensuring that all indicators meet export standards. The Company aims at creating a “Xiantan providing safety food”.

  • Mass spectrometer detection
  • Automatic intelligent transfer
  • Automatic intelligent segmentation
  • Automatic intelligent grading
  • Operation below 12℃ in the whole process
  • Quick freshness locking
  • Refrigerated at -18℃
  • Cold chain transportation
  • Healthy food for dinning table
360° comprehensive quality control

Feed processing supply

Self-processing, rigorous inspection and pure self-supply.

Breeding of parental broilers

Pure American COBB chicken breed, pure American ROS chicken breed, concentrate feeding, self-breeding

Chicken hatching supply

Pure self-incubation, select each egg, full self-supply

Commercial broiler production

Three-dimensional closed broiler production, concentrate feed, self-breeding

Epidemic prevention and control

Strict prevention and control, strict epidemic prevention and rigorous inspection

Adult chicken collecting

All-round inspection, synchronous entering and leaving, unified entering and leaving, uniform logistics management

Slaughter and processing

Aseptic slaughtering line, aseptic segmentation, aseptic packaging

Deep processing of products

Aseptic production workshop, zero storage of unqualified products, all-use self-segmentation products
"Nine Unifications" production management system

  • Unified site selection and layout

    According to the requirements of decentralized epidemic prevention and relevant animal epidemic prevention laws and regulations, the Company determines the construction site of the farm in a uniform way.

  • Unified planning and construction standards

    The chicken house is built according to the Company’s design scheme and drawings. The broiler production can be carried out only after the chicken house is completed and accepted by the Company.

  • Unified supply of feed

    According to the physiological characteristics and growth needs of broilers, the Company provides the scientific, reasonable, high-quality and qualified feed.

  • Unified supply of chicks

    Unified breeding and hatching, ensuring that the chickens provided to all farms are healthy and in high-quality

  • Unified supply of drugs

    The drugs and vaccines are purchased and supplied by the Company in a unified way. The components of the drugs supplied to the farms are analyzed and tested to ensure that all drugs are safe and contain no prohibited ingredients.

  • Unified collection commercial chickens

    The Company arranges the slaughter plan of broilers in accordance with the principles of “synchronous entering and leaving” and “unified entering and leaving”.

  • Unified logistics management

    The Company arranges vehicles to transport the broilers to the food processing plant of the Company.

  • Unified epidemic prevention standardized

    According to the growth cycle of each batch of chickens, the Company implements a unified immunization program. It regularly inspects broilers’ conditions of two epidemics (bird flu and Newcastle disease) and conducts the sampling test in real time. The Company makes unified management requirements for all aspects of brooding and fattening during the production period of broilers.

  • Unified comprehensive inspection

    Before the broilers are marketed, the Company will take chicken samples for drug residue test, which will be subject to the supervision of the animal husbandry department. The veterinarian will take blood test on the epidemic conditions of two diseases (bird flu and Newcastle disease), and the chickens can be marketed only after all the tests are passed.