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Advanced production system

Shandong Xiantan Food Co., Ltd., which integrates with slaughtering, cutting, deep processing, cold storage, sales of broiler chicken, introduces international leading automatic cutting equipment, and mainly sells frozen and ice fresh chicken series products.

Shandong Xiantan Hong Food Co., Ltd. introduces international leading equipment, adopts domestic leading production technology, and deep processess series of prepared dishes.

Company attaches great importance to production safety, carries out safety responsibilities, enforces safety rules, establishes a perfect quality management system, builds three-level quality control network (corporation technology center, company quality control and workshop quality inspection), and sticks to “one high, three low, three free” production standards, so as to realize the comprehensive control of all links from farm to table. Our all indicators are up to export standards to build a safety Xiantan.

  • Mass spectrometer detection
  • Automatic intelligent transfer
  • Automatic intelligent segmentation
  • Automatic intelligent sorting
  • Entire operation below 12 degrees
  • Rapidly retain freshness
  • Minus 18 degrees cold storage
  • Whole cold chain-transportation
  • Arrived at dinning-table healthily
360-Degree All-round Quality Control

Feed processing supply

Self - processing, strict detection, pure self - supply

Breeding of parent broiler breeder

Pure American Kebao chicken, pure American Ross chicken, fine feed, self-breeding

Chick hatching supply

Pure self-hatching, select each egg, fully self-feeding

Commercial broiler breeding

Three-dimensional closed breeding, fine feed, self - breeding

Prevention and control

Strict prevention and control, strict epidemic prevention and strict testing

Chicken Management

Comprehensive inspection, unified logistics management

Slaughter and processing

Aseptic slaughter line, aseptic cutting, aseptic packaging

Deep processing of products

Aseptic production workshop, zero storage of unqualified products, full use of self-cutting products
"Ten unified" production management system

  • Unified farm location layout

    In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and relevant laws and regulations on animal epidemic prevention, our company choose place to construct farms uniformly.

  • Unified construction standards

    The chicken house should be constructed according to the design scheme and drawings of the company, and should be used after acceptance by the company.

  • Unified feed supply

    Combined with the physiological characteristics and growth needs of broiler chickens, we provide scientific, reasonable and qualified feed uniformly.

  • Unified supply of chicks

    Unified breeding and hatching, ensuring that the chickens provided to all farms are healthy and in high-quality

  • Unified aquaculture management standards

    According to the growth cycle of each batch of chickens, we implement the unified immunization procedures. And we monitored and tested two epidemic diseases (avian influenza and Newcastle disease) on chickens in real time according to the company's inspection situation. Meanwhile, our company make unified management requirements for each part of brooding and fattening during breeding.

  • Unified drug epidemic

    Drugs and vaccines are purchased and supplied by the company. Ingredients analysis and testing are carried out on all drugs used in the unified supply farm to ensure that all drugs are safe and do not contain any prohibited ingredients.

  • Unified logistics service management

    Broiler chickens are transported to our food processing plant by the company uniformly.

  • Unified inspection quality management

    Our company uniformly extract the chicken specimen to carry on the medicine residual inspectionis, and accept supervision animal husbandry department. After passing the blood test of two epidemic diseases (avian influenza and Newcastle disease) by veterinarian, chickens can be transported.

  • Unified broiler recovery and processing

    Broiler chickens are arranged by the company uniformly for ensuring all-in, all-out.

  • Centralized disposal of fecal waste

    The waste centralized Shandong Xiantan Biological Technology Co., LTD., after harmless treatment, then get the production of efficient organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer.